Ellie Omiya : A Wonderful Forest

March 26 - May 31, 2019


Ellie Omiya’s Art

Fumio Nanjo, Director of the Mori Art Museum 


Ellie Omiya is always energetic. Energy is a value. She makes everyone around her energetic. 

Her friends become energetic. Individuals with similar energy gather around the artist. 

Her art is a reflection of the circulating energy.

One of the features of her work is the formula that equates energy with freedom. It also means that freedom guarantees the expression and vice versa. 

Liberal—and unrestrained—expression  allows the artist to explore themes and color schemes without fear and hesitation. 

Omiya’s lines are bold, liberal, and impulsive. They are forceful and indicate her inspirational handiwork, as if her movement is that of a child. 

Artists who became known for their crude yet charming art share the same freedom and disregard.

What makes her art unique? 

Her art generates kindness, sensitivity, and hope along with an innate understanding of the importance of meticulousness. In her world, anything at all, any mundane object—symbols, landscape, people, weather, flower and animals, furniture pieces—has a chance to be the main subject. 

Omiya’s art makes people happy—perhaps one of the most important functions of art in general.

Together, her work indicates the artist’ world view, a dynamic wonderland that plays with colors and objects.   

Translated by Dr. Masako Ikeda




Ticolat Tamura is pleased to present the first exhibition of Ellie Omiya in Hong Kong.
An accomplished author, screenwriter, director and artist since 2012, Ellie has created A Wonderful Forest for Ticolat Tamura space in Central, Hong Kong.

Ellie Omiya was born in Osaka, Japan in 1975, graduated from University of Tokyo in Pharmaceutical Science. She worked at an advertising agency Dentsu till 2006, made a directorial debut with the movie “Umi de no hanashi”. 

Her naive motifs and colors yet powerful, raw, intuitive expression has inspired many viewers in Japan. She has been known for her distinctive approach in live painting : she creates an emotional relationship with her audience and her art becomes interactive. In 2012, she first held an interactive solo show ‘To convey emotions” at Parco Museum which consisted of eight stories, followed by “to be alive”. The show drew 15,000 people, toured to Parco in Sapporo, the Foil gallery in Kyoto and the Sendai Mediatheque. Her first painting exhibition was a live painting “Celebration Melody : Naoshima” in Horyuji treasures at Tokyo National Museum in 2012 on the occasion to celebrate Monblanc de la culture Arts patronage awarded to Mr. Soichiro Fukutake.
Since, she has held solo show “Emotional Journey” at Daikanyama hillside terrace and her first museum solo show “Sincerely Yours” at Towada Art Center in 2016. She installed artworks in abandoned storefront shutters throughout Towada city center connecting the museum and the community beyond the boundary of museum installation. Her activity as an artist gains momentum, in spring 2017, she presents “This is forest speaking” at Kanaz Forest of Creation in Fukui Prefecture. She participated in “Rokko Meets Art 2018” with group of paintings “Mansion of a Widow”.